Sharing Notes from our Parents

“School is so much fun for Chloe that she wants school even on weekends! She’s definitely more confident and happier learning now.” – Mrs Chong, Parent of Chloe (4 year old)


“Constance’s improvement in her development has been encouraging to the family.  She has demonstrated good progress and we are very pleased with Zoo-phonics.”

– Moses and Woon Chai, Parent of Constance (4 year old)

“My girls have shown vast improvements in their learning and behaviour since they started lessons in Zoo-phonics School”

– Mrs Yee, Parent of Nicole and Nicale (4 year old)


“We can see a lot of improvements in Chong Kai’s behaviour and work.”

– Mrs Tan, Parent of Chong Kai (4 year old)

“We are extremely happy with Ujesh’s improvement in language writing skills and drawings.”

– Madam Usha, parent of Ujesh (4 year old)

“My child was not able to read well and write neatly. After enrolling her into Zoo-phonics School, she is now able to use her phonetic sounds and signals to decipher and read any word.”

– Alice & Kenny Yeh, Parents of Natalie Yeh (Joey, 5 year)

“My child enjoys the classes at Zoo-phonics School and looks forward to every lesson.  After attending Zoo-phonics School, he is now able to read a whole story book confidently.”
– May Wee, Parent of Zhang Young (Wise Owl, 6 year old)

“My son started off not able to read and spell.  After starting the class in Zoo-phonics School, his interest in the English Language increased.  The teachers are professional and show a genuine interest in the children.”  
– Lee Hwee Boon, Parent of Ethan Lim (Wise Owl, 6 year old)

“There is a variety of activities to cater to the short attention span of my toddler.  My child enjoys going to Zoo-phonics School and is now more confident in conversing in the English language.” 
                          – Ng Lih Yng, Parent of Chuah Roi Tong (Zoo Toddlers)

“Zoo-phonics School has well-designed programmes and good teachers.  The lessons are fun and interactive. Lucas likes his teacher very much; she is caring and able to capture the children’s attention.”  
– Cecilia Tan, Parent of Lucas Chua (Young Joey, 5 year old)

“My son has shown great improvement after attending Inny Inchworm classes.  He enjoys going to  Zoo-phonics School as there are games, music and stories.” 
                           – Anna, Parent of Xavier Koh (Inny Inchworm, 4 year old)

“I have tried putting my child in other schools but nothing comes close to the Zoo Toddler  programme in Zoo-phonics School.  It is a well-planned and fun programme that uses integrated learning to stimulate my son’s learning.  He is now settling well in the Zoo Kids programme.”

– Parent of Roysius Tay (Zoo Toddler graduated to Zoo Kids, 3 year old)