Zoo-phonics School offers a whole-brain kinesthetic method to teaching children phonics and reading.  We believe our fun, playful but concrete manner will captivate and hold the attention of children, therefore accelerating learning.

Play-based, fun-based, learning by seeing, touching and doing.

At Zoo-phonics School, we share our playful, unique, effective approach that will have your child well on the way to reading success. Join us as we take your child through a journey to phonics readiness and early reading!

 Zoo Toddlers

Zoo  Toddlers
(ages 18-30mths)

1 or 1½ hr per session once or twice per week

This theme-based, multi-sensorial learning programme aims to promote your child’s speaking and listening skills through stories, rhymes, music and craft. We will introduce our cast of 26 animal characters, letter shapes and sounds to engage your child in phonics playfully.

(To be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.)

 Zoo Kids

Zoo  Kids
(Pre-Nursery 3yrs)

1 or 1½ hr per session once per week

Our theme-based programme ventures further into the world of Nature, Self-awareness and even International Gourmet!  As we progress through Zoo Kids, your child’s knowledge about the world around him/her as well as vocabulary, will widen remarkably.

 Inny Inchworms

Inny  Inchworms*
(Nursery  4 yrs)  
1½  hour per session once per week

This programme helps develop phonemic awareness, an essential step in learning to read.  Your little ones will learn through multi-sensorial activities. As they trek through the alphabet, they will learn the basic letter sounds and read simple word blends. They will also acquire letter-writing penmanship skills to prepare them for sentence-writing at the next level.

 Young Joeys

Young Joeys*
(K1  5 yrs)
1½  hour per session once per week

This programme is designed to teach your child to read and spell. Our little readers will start with mastery of the alphabet sounds, phonemic awareness, development of sound-blending skills, and finally Reading and Writing simple text. They will be introduced to our fun-filled, colourful mini books, in which our Zoo-phonics animal friends come alive.

 Wise Owls

Wise  Owls*
(K2  6 yrs)
1½  hour per session once per week

This programme develops a foundation for more advanced reading and writing skills. Your child will learn all the blends, digraphs, long vowels and sound combinations essential for word-building. We also teach our children constructs of writing, including punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, as well as encourage creative writing.

An individual pupil’s profile and entry assessment is required prior to admission to the Inny Inchworms, Young Joeys and Wise Owls programmes.  This is to enable our teachers to ascertain your child’s capability and to recommend a suitable class for him/her.