Zoo-phonics Was Born in the Classroom in California, USA

“With Zoo-phonics, the kindergarten teachers saw such improvement in literacy with 85 percent of the class entered first grade as readers.” – Dunn Elementary School, The San Diego Union Tribune, 21 Oct 2000

The Zoo-phonics Program was developed by two experienced teachers in answer to the needs of their students.

In 1983, Georgene “Gigi” Bradshaw began using kinesthetic techniques tied to phonics to teach reading and spelling to her students. Her unique and highly successful approach quickly caught on with other teachers, including her sister Charlene “Char” Wrighton.

Every aspect of the program has been field-tested and found to be effective and today it is used in over 6000 schools in the United States and Canada.

zoo-phonics founder

Zoo-phonics Founder

The Success of Zoo-phonics Schools…

footprint In 2004, our unique franchising model was conceptualised. Zoo-phonics Asia was incorporated in Singapore to develop and grow the Zoo-phonics network of schools in Asia.
footprint We have conducted research into children’s language development and have created a comprehensive Zoo-phonics School curriculum series tailored to regional and local learning needs.
footprint Through our centralised curriculum development unit, we provide ongoing quality assessment and improvements to our network of schools. We provide teachers training and development to ensure the consistent quality of our teaching.
footprint Today, we have many successful Zoo-phonics Schools in Singapore operating on this franchising model and have helped thousands of children to excel in their English language.